European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine


"Translational Research for Innovative Healthcare"

Our vision:

Translate scientific discoveries
into medical products more effectively


What is EATRIS?

EATRIS is a client driven, non-profit organization comprising European academic centers of excellence in translational research. EATRIS transforms scientific discoveries into innovative and high impact medicines, diagnostics and medical devices through European collaborative consortia of academic, industrial and governmental partners.

EATRIS is one of the biomedical infrastructure projects initiated by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI). In 2013 EATRIS was granted the status of an European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) by the European Commission. An ERIC is a specific European legal form to facilitate cross-border research through the joint establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest.

The Finnish arm of EATRIS is consists of six centers across Finland. The centers contribute to four of the five EATRIS platforms:

- Biomarkers,
- Imaging and Tracers,

- Small Molecules, and
- Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)


Together, they provide a wide range of services to the EATRIS infrastructure in the areas of molecular diagnostic assays, assay development, and production of molecular research and clinical tools, such as imaging, viruses, antibodies, and tracer production.

In addition to their excellence in translational medicine, the EATRIS centers in Finland have key insight into process standardization, regulatory aspects, technology transfer, as well as clinical utilization. Links to the Finnish EATRIS centers can be found under "Centers" in the header section.

To find out how you can benefit from the EATRIS infrastructure, please visit, or continue to the section "How EATRIS works" on this page.    



How EATRIS works


The EATRIS Infrastructure provides a new development pathway, accessible to researchers and companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations. EATRIS comprises over 70 leading academic institutions across Europe, each renowned for its individual and high-end research facilities.

The process consists of 4 major steps:

Project Assessment,



As customer you can expect                                                                                                                                            
- Single point of access to the right expertise and facilities
- Expediting the development process
- Access to large and diverse clinical patient cohorts    

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